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AnyBody Managed Model RepositoryammrAnyBody Managed Model Repository
AnyBody Model Repositoryamr_self_sup_lAnyBody Model Repository distributed under the Self-supported license
Any2Ansany2ansTo facilitate integration between the AnyBody modeling system and finite element analysis
AnyBody API BETAanybodyapiAnyBody API BETA
LIOAnyShoulder lioanyshoulderThe AnyEpaule model consists in an upper-limb inverse dynamic musculoskeletal model to the shoulder griddle study.
Patient specific mandible modelpatientmandibleA patient specific mandible model of a patient with unilateral hypoplasia of the right mandibular ramus. The model is described and used in the following article in Journal of Biomechanics: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jbiomech.2009.02.027
Professional ProjectsprofessionalThis is the parent project for Professional projects. This project can not be joined because it is a parent project.
Self-supported projectsselfsupportThis is the parent project for Self-supported projects. Request to join this parent project will not be accepted, because this project is only intended as a parent project. The Join project button seen above will be disabled at some point.

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